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Getting Started: .NET

Applies to

Get started with .NET 5+ (cross-platform) or .Net Framework.

  1. Install the Velopack NuGet Package in your main project:
    dotnet add package Velopack
  2. Configure your Velopack app at the beginning of Program.Main:
    static void Main(string[] args)
    // ... your other startup code below
  3. Add automatic updating to your app:
    private static async Task UpdateMyApp()
    var mgr = new UpdateManager("");

    // check for new version
    var newVersion = await mgr.CheckForUpdatesAsync();
    if (newVersion == null)
    return; // no update available

    // download new version
    await mgr.DownloadUpdatesAsync(newVersion);

    // install new version and restart app
  4. Install the command line tool vpk:
    dotnet tool update -g vpk
  5. Publish dotnet and build your first Velopack release! 🎉
    dotnet publish -c Release --self-contained -r win-x64 -o .\publish
    vpk pack -u YourAppId -v 1.0.0 -p .\publish -e yourMainApp.exe

✅ You're Done! Your app now has auto-updates and an installer. You can upload your release to your website, or use the vpk upload command to publish it to the destination of your choice.