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Velopack is an installation and auto-update framework for cross-platform desktop applications. It's opinionated, extremely easy to use with zero config needed. With just one command you can be up and running with an installable application, and it's lightning fast for your users, too.

Be sure to check us out on GitHub and join our Discord for any questions/support!


To enable your application to make full use of Velopack, you need to do 3 things:


Integrate the SDK & check for updates

We have client libraries for some languages below, or if we don't support your language yet you can use our CLI.
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Build a Velopack release

Our command-line tool vpk can help you build update packages and installers in just one command.
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Upload your releases somewhere

You can host updates anywhere static files can be served, eg. cloud file storage, GitHub Releases, and more.
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Language Support

There are libraries planned or supported for the languages below.

LangStatusRuntime DepsAsyncLinks
C#✅ Ready✅ None✅ Yesquick start, docs, samples,
JS✅ Ready✅ None✅ Yesquick start, docs, samples,
Rust✅ Ready✅ None✅ Yesquick start, docs, samples,
C++✅ Ready🔶 vfusion.exe❌ Noquick start, docs, samples, velopack.hpp

If your language is not listed, you can open an issue to request it, or if your language supports running a process you can integrate directly with the Fusion CLI.